Whats going on

Science and Arts


We have tons of materials and supplies to experiment with and use to make exciting art and science  projects. Learning that's fun.

Come play with us!


The kitchen is usually a first stop for children when they come for a visit, it's well stocked and sturdy. It is through play and acting out experiences that children learn so much.

Lots of room to run and play!


This yard is huge and safely fenced. We have lots of trikes, hula hoops, balls, balance beams, a play house, and LAWN, lots of green LAWN.



I love flowers! With a 250 square foot fenced in garden we have plenty of room for Planting. Growing vegetable soup and flowers and of course, strawberries.  



Kyle says I'm #1 and he would know! 

Oh, and my grandkids think I'm pretty great  too.

About me, JillMarie


Two grown children with families of their own, my son living here in Lafayette, my daughter in Berkeley, CA and James who is 15 and goes to Centaurus High. I have worked with and nurtured children my whole life.  I would love to meet you and your little ones.